Second Mission to Guyana 2016


Georgetown, Guyana. From June 9th until June 12th 2016, GreenAcre attended to the Second Mission to Guyana.  This time, GreenAcre consulted the government of Guyana on the subject of industrial hemp as a separate part of regulated cannabis industry.

On June 11, the Guyana Hemp Association in collaboration with the government organized the First National Hemp Convention of 2016. GreenAcre delivered a speech addressing the legal side of the regulated hemp and medical marijuana industry.

The main issue was the government and community experienced was mixing up and confusing industrial hemp and medical marijuana.  A big part of the speech was devoted to setting those two aspects apart.

Two days after the Hemp Convention, the national newspaper published an article reporting the event, informing the community the issues addressed by GreenAcre’. While in Guyana, GreenAcre was also invited to a radio show to educate members of the community on regulated cannabis market.  After the radio interview, GreenAcre was interviewed by a local newspaper reporter on the topic of medical marijuana and hemp markets.
GreenAcre possesses outstanding expertise in the global regulated cannabis market.  GreenAcre offers a number of services to private and governmental entities and also designs investment projects in the global legal marijuana market.




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