Mr. Rolando Vazquez, founder of GreenAcre Consulting Team, LLC., is a Cannabis Consultant, business consultant and entrepreneur. Rolando holds infinite passion for promoting safe and reliable access to Medical Marijuana, and for the liberation of Hemp production.  Rolando brings with him world-class industry experience dating to 2010.  A unique introduction to a California cultivation site, lead him to an earnest professional endeavor to become the world’s premier cannabis consultant. Shortly after, Rolando enrolled in law school while simultaneously keeping abreast the activities and changes in the cannabis industry, domestic and abroad. Rolando continued his cannabis education by traveling to several different states with medical cannabis programs and conducted his own empirical studies. Processing, cultivating, dispensing and lab testing facilities became his classroom. Additionally, he received certificates from cannabis institutions, and in this manner Rolando brought together the theoretical and practical understanding of a regulated cannabis industry.  Currently, Rolando has consulted government entities domestic and abroad, and has helped clients navigate through the regulated cannabis industry in several states, including his home state of Florida. Ultimately, Rolando works vigorously towards becoming the leading expert in the areas of law, business, politics, agriculture and medicine as it relates to medical cannabis.

Head of Operations



As Vice-President, Ms. Contreras is responsible for overseeing the performance of all internal operations, and to maintain and develop business growth in accordance with GreenAcre’s overall business strategy.  Additionally, Ms. Contreras is in charge of GreenAcre’s Governmental Affairs. Her duties include interacting with local, state and federal government legislators involved in reforming cannabis laws.

Ms. Contreras is a licensed Attorney in Venezuela, with a professional background in Banking, Commercial Litigation, Immigration and Corporate Law.  Ms. Contreras also graduated Law School from St. Thomas University in Miami, FL, while simultaneously earning a LL.M. in Intercultural Human Rights Law, Cum Laude.  Her legal orientation in Human Rights, taught her the grave importance of a Regulated Cannabis Market.  Appropriately, she advocates that the access to Medical Marijuana is a Human Right.


Under Federal Law it is still illegal to posses, manufacture, distribute or cultivate marijuana. Greenacre Consulting Team is a business consulting firm that does not provide legal services or representation. Contact an attorney specializing in Fedral Law regarding marijuana for further assistance.