Miami Beach: Only 2 Locations for Dispensaries are Viable



Miami Beach: Only 2 Locations for

Dispensaries are Viable

The Planning Board for the City of Miami Beach made its recommendations to the City Commission regarding the ordinance regulating Medical Marijuana.

On February 28, 2017, GreenAcre’s Vice President, Sabina Contreras, attended the Miami Beach Planning Board Meeting. Ms. Contreras was the only person to speak on the record on behalf of investors that want an open market in the state of Florida and in Miami Beach. Ms. Contreras expressed to the Planning Board how they are contributing in closing the market for the current “7” licensees in the state of Florida. She also expressed how the Ordinance benefits only the “7” licensees, leaving no access whatsoever to any qualified investor that desires to own a dispensary in Miami Beach. Ms. Contreras was interrupted several times by the Board. She criticized how the Board cares more about the parking fees and impact fees for the dispensaries than the access that has to be guaranteed to patients. The City of Miami Beach plans to have the Ordinance ready by May, they expressed their desire that the Ordinance become enforceable the same month. According to Ms. Contreras this is not fair because qualified investors are not part of the formula nor even considered. Ms. Contreras is concerned that investors from outside the state and outside Miami Beach are the ones lobbying and securing locations in Miami Beach. Additionally, the city lowered the number of locations. In January, the Commission was open to the idea of allowing 5 dispensaries, and by the end of February only 2 are viable because the Mid-Beach location is impracticable.

Click here for access to Ms. Contreras Speech before the Planning Board.


Ms. Contreras listening to the lobbyist for Knox Medical, Winter Gardens, FL.

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