GreenAcre’s Upcoming Events and Last Week Events


Upcoming Events and Last Week Events

Keeping clients and prospective clients updated with information related to the Cannabis Industry. GreenAcre consults on best industry practices, while also assisting clients with business plans, license application assistance, federal and state compliance, providing resources for the design and build of the projects, every associated business document needed for the advancement of the clients’ business ventures, staffing solutions, and any other service the project demands.GreenAcre offers different services for clients and potential clients that want to be part of the Cannabis Industry. From lobbying at the local and state level to consulting services for the application of licenses.

GreenAcre also provides consulting services to government entities, to date, Belize and Guyana. In light of GreenAcre’s legal, cannabis and business aptitude, they qualify as quintessential cannabis consultants.

Upcoming Events

GreenAcre’s Colorado Experience #2

Visit numerous cultivation sites and dispensaries in Colorado. Potential investors in the Cannabis Industry enjoy the experience because it gives them a better perspective of this Industry. The next Colorado Experience is schedule for 4/20/2017. If you want to be part of this experience, please send us an email at for more information.

GreenAcre’s Colorado Experience #1

Last Week Events

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Cannabis Law 101 at Saint Thomas University School of Law
March 15, 2017

Rolando Vazquez, Esq., President of GreenAcre Consulting Team, was the special guest speaker at the event: “Cannabis Law 101.” Law students had the opportunity to learn for the best representatives in the Cannabis Industry. Our panelists included: David Kotler, Daniel Sparks, Eric Stevens and Joe Brezny. Our special guests included: Jackie Waldman, Esq., and Senator Eleanor Sobel. Click on the link below to have access to Cannabis Law 101.

Cannabis Law 101 – Video


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Broward County Commissioner’s Meeting
March 14, 2017

Sabina Contreras, Vice President of GreenAcre Consulting Team, attended the Broward’s Commissioners meeting. Ms. Contreras’ efforts were sufficient to defer the passing of the ordinance regulating medical marijuana in Broward County.  Thanks to public comments and Ms. Contreras speech items 74, 75 and 76 were deferred for a later time. 

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