GreenAcre’s Colorado Experience 4/20/2017 Investors in the Cannabis Industry


GreenAcre’s Colorado Experience 4/20/2017 

Investors in the Cannabis Industry


IMG_3765From April 18 until April 22, 2017, Mr. Rolando Vazquez took a group of investors to Denver, Colorado. The investors had the opportunity to learn from the best professionals in the Cannabis Industry. GreenAcre’s Colorado Experience is the best way for investors to learn more about this exciting industry. Some of the people interested in investing in the cannabis industry, have not seen the plant. They do not know how a cultivation facility operates.

Additionally, it is difficult to understand the complex process of the seed-to-sale system. The investors were taken to one the best companies that provides seed-to-sale software. There, countless questions were answered regarding tracking. The group of investors visited various cultivation facilities, some of them u2017-04-21-PHOTO-00007664nder construction and others fully operational. The investors had opportunity to visit the actual locations that are available for investment. At these locations they visualized fully integrated vertical operations. In vertical operations, everything happens at the same location: cultivation, processing and dispensing. Most of the time, at a glance, the investors want to only invest in a dispensing facility. Once the investors better understand the industry and the market, they realize all areas of the industry are profitable and they work together when combined. It is important to highlight, GreenAcre does not support a fully integrated vertical system in the Florida. GreenAcre believes in an open market with thousand of suppliers. However, sometimes depending on the business model a vertical system works better for the investors. GreenAcre plans to take more investors. This is the second year of the GreenAcre Experience in Colorado, click here to have access to last year’s GreenAcre Experience.

To experience the industry yourself, contact GreenAcre at  Amongst cannabis industry insiders, GreenAcre has a reputable name and their work transcends borders due to the international recognition GreenAcre has as the Ultimate Cannabis Consultants. GreenAcre is fighting for an open market without borders for the Cannabis Industry. 








cannabis industry

cannabis industry


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