GreenAcre Proposes MMJ Dispensary in North Miami Beach


GreenAcre attended the Russian-American chamber of commerce event, where we discussed the possibility of opening up medical marijuana dispensaries in North Miami Beach (NMB) with the mayor of that municipality. Sabina Contreras was present at the event.

In addition to having discussions with local business owners and political candidates, an open conversation was held with George Vallejo, the Mayor of NMB. The Mayor was very responsive to the ideas our company brought up. The main positive factor of having MMJ dispensaries in NMB is the increase in property value and access to holistic medicine. Often times, only people in their mid 40s and up can afford such an investment. However, as statistics show, that segment of population is more prone to have qualifying medical conditions to allow access to medical marijuana.

Placing a dispensary in NMB will bring the needed relief to the patients and likely have positive effects on the economy of the municipality overall. The Mayor agreed with GreenAcre’s position. Soon the Mayor promised to hold a meeting to discuss local ordinances to allow medical marijuana in the city.

After the referendum in November of 2016, Florida will have to set up a fully blown medical marijuana industry with many opportunities for businesses.  Counties and cities will have local power to allow or ban activities that deal with medical marijuana and secondary markets.  GreenAcre is actively participating in all political movements in this field to ensure the proper level of education of the local politicians.  Many factors should be analyzed before local government makes decision on such serious issue as medical marijuana within its borders.  GreenAcre stands for the highest standards and heavy regulations on the industry so all three main components–government, community, investors–work in harmony.  As to the date, less than 2 months are left before historical decision.

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