GreenAcre in the News – Quoted by MJBIZDAILY

 Rolando Vazquez, GreenAcre’s President, was quoted by Marijuana Business Daily (“MJBIZDAILY”). MJBIZDAILY is the leading news resource in the Cannabis Industry. The magazine’s content is written by professional journalists, who specialize in the  Cannabis Industry.  In a phone interview Mr. Vazquez provided detailed information of the current status of Florida’s Medical Marijuana Industry. Specifically his opinion regarding the numerous lawsuits filed against Florida’s Department of Health and the recent award of a license to the applicant Nature’s Way Nursery.
GreenAcre remains to be the leading consulting firm in Florida and a point of reference of knowledge for the Cannabis Industry.
“More people are just saying, ‘I’m going to sue … and try to get a license.’” Vazquez said.  “They’re inviting more litigation because of precedent.”

GreenAcre at the Cons 


From May 29 until April 1st, GreenAcre participated as one of the sponsors for “The Cons” at the SLS in Miami Beach. During the event GreenAcre’s Presdient and Florida Attorney, Mr. Rolando Vazquez spoke about legal issues related to the Cannabis industry. Mr. Vazquez met other great advocates for the two other industries involved in this event which were the tattoo and Cam industry. Mr. Vazquez was able to meet and talk with famous cam stars such as Dani Daniels which served to understand a little bit more about how hard it is to work and be successful in that industry, a detail which is sure to allow Mr. Vazquez to further his goal of advocating and promoting Cannabis to the world, especially in Florida.

Mr. Vazquez had meetings with other cannabis supporters such as Pete Findley and Baxter Baldwin who are respectively the Chief Executive Officer and President of Exhale Nevada which is a Marijuana Dispensary in Nevada. They were interested in meeting Mr. Vazquez as he is well known by the cannabis industry, also Mr. Vazquez is well versed in the Florida Law, which is an area that many cannabis based companies want to start moving into as it has a whole lot of potential. Over all the “The Cons” was overall a success as it brought together three industries that are taboo in society and are also three industries that can learn from one another and together break that stigma.


Cannabis Industry Leaders Come Together This Spring At The Cons
Experts in the fields of cannabis, tattoos and alternative modeling will converge this spring at The Cons.

The Cons — Simultaneous Camming, Cannabis, and Tattoo Expos — Are Coming to South Beach

Cam Con 2018’s Neon Night Swim Soiree (NSFW)

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