GreenAcre helps the homeless community of Brickell


GreenAcre helps the homeless community of Brickell

GreenAcre’s President, Rolando Vazquez and his new assistant Gus, shared moments of this Christmas’ Eve with the homeless community in Brickell.  

GreenAcre’s tremendous success ignited a sense of responsibility to give back to the community and share the wealth.  Mr. Vazquez aimed to express the very spirit of the company, illustrating that the company believes that it is about the community and the people in need.  Rolando stated, “Our company is about compassion and humbleness.”  GreenAcre’s Team prepared meals for the homeless and personally delivered the food to them.


Here are some pictures of the special moments on this Christmas’ Eve



Rolando Vazquez sharing Christmas’ Eve with the Homeless Community 



Rolando Vazquez and his assistant Gus 



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