GreenAcre’s Colorado Experience

colorado experience rolando vazquez

Rolando Vazquez and Michael Burnstein

GreenAcre’s Colorado Experience

In June 2016, GreenAcre’s President, Rolando Vazquez, and Head of Operations, Sabina Contreras visited Denver, Colorado, with a group of foreign investors.  The main goal was to introduce GreenAcre’s clients to the fully operational cannabis industry.  GreenAcre met with selected Colorado based companies within GreenAcre’s network.  Visiting more than ten (10) dispensaries to illustrate the different themes, layouts, merchandise and branding.  

Point of Sale System (Seed to Sale)

GreenAcre had a private meeting with its investors and representatives of MJ Freeway.  The meeting took place at MJ Freeway’s headquarters in Denver.  The investors were informed and oriented on MJ Freeway’s point of sale system. Which tracks the plant from seed to sale, MJ Freeway also offers software solutions for the cannabis venture. 

Grow Facilities

GreenAcre’s President escorted investors to different grow facilities.  The group of investors visited a grow facility in pre-construction phase. At that location they were able to move freely around the grow complex.  The cultivating facility’s area encompassed approximately 15,000 sq ft.  The boundaries of the facility included the cultivating, processing and dispensing area.  The investors understood the importance of having all phases occurring at the same location.  

The second facility, was located in the industrial area of Boulder City. The investors were able to experience the cultivation process from beginning to end. They witnessed the process of getting the clones from the mother plant.  Additionally, they were able to enter different rooms where the plants were in the vegetative cycle and flowering cycle. They also received first hand knowledge about the harvesting stage.  Finally, they were educated on the best industry practices of curing and trimming.  

Dispensing Facilities

The investors were taken from dispensary to dispensary, to illustrate the different marketing techniques, facilities designs, operating techniques, and observed the variety of industry products.  They understood the importance of having an innovative dispensary design due to the potential of having the dispensary’s concept franchised. 

GreenAcre’s Colorado Experience was a great success, the investors were pleased to have witnessed one of most amazing industries in the world.  One of the investors stated, “The energy at the grow facility was incredible, only selected people get to enjoy this experience.”  

Rolando Vazquez, Esq. 


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