GreenAcre helps the homeless community of Brickell

GreenAcre helps the homeless community of Brickell

GreenAcre’s President, Rolando Vazquez and his new assistant Gus, shared moments of this Christmas’ Eve with the homeless community in Brickell.  

GreenAcre’s tremendous success ignited a sense of responsibility to give back to the community and share the wealth.  Mr. Vazquez aimed to express the very spirit of the company, illustrating that the company believes that it is about the community and the people in need.  Rolando stated, “Our company is about compassion and humbleness.”  GreenAcre’s Team prepared meals for the homeless and personally delivered the food to them.


Here are some pictures of the special moments on this Christmas’ Eve



Rolando Vazquez sharing Christmas’ Eve with the Homeless Community 



Rolando Vazquez and his assistant Gus 




Preview of GreenAcre’s Most Recent Medical Cannabis Project

Preview of GreenAcre’s Most Recent Medical Cannabis Project 

GreenAcre’s Team is pleased to share a preview of our most recent project in Broward County. 

GreenAcre’s President, Rolando Vazquez is currently consulting for a few clients in Broward County.  One particular project covers an area of 20,000 square feet.  The area’s size is convenient enough to have a cultivation and processing site.  GreenAcre is currently working together with a builder from Colorado, who has the expertise and the wherewithal to develope growing facilities.  Moreover, GreenAcre also has the best connections with master growers.  Any resource needed for a cannabis project is channeled in from the GreenAcre network.  We encourage all interested investors to act now, since Florida is moving and growing fast. 

Broward County’s Medical Cannabis 

Broward County is getting ready for the Industry.  On December 6th 2016, the Broward County Commissioners’ meeting through a motion to direct, instructed the Office of the County Attorney to draft an ordinance amending the zoning code to add new provisions to regulate medical cannabis cultivation, processing and dispensing. The motion to direct affects GreenAcre’s projects in Broward County within Districts 1, 2, 3, 4, 7 and 9.

GreenAcre’s Colorado Experience for 2017

The year of 2017 looks promising for GreenAcre, our team will be traveling to Colorado for our third GreenAcre Experience. This time, GreenAcre will interview master growers from Colorado for a few of their current cultivation projects. GreenAcre Experience is a concept created to help investors to have first hand knowledge of the industry and preview the investment they are about to make. GreenAcre’s network is vast and aims to connect investors with the professionals in the Cannabis Industry. Please check the information for our first Colorado experience here.

This is a sneak peek of our latest location in Broward County,  GreenAcre wants the cannabis market to be open and accessible for investors of all levels. GreenAcre’s Team provides the tools for success. 



GreenAcre’s President and Colorado Builder



GreenAcre’s Project in Broward County



GreenAcre’s Project in Broward County



GreenAcre’s President with Investors for one of their Broward County Projects!


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Latest News in the Cannabis Industry [First Week of December 2016]

Latest News in the Cannabis Industry  [First Week of December 2016]


Medical Cannabis Inhaler, manufactured in Israel.

The giants pharmaceutical companies in Israel, Teva Pharmaceuticals and Syqe Medical, created the first inhaler that will meet the requirements established by the Health Ministry in Israel. The whole purpose of allowing access to Medical Cannabis is as a last resort after failure of traditional medicine. Why after their failure does Israel allows the pharmaceutical companies to develop this product? It looks as if Israel wants the pharmaceuticals to control the monopoly over Medical Cannabis.


With the current law
Who can grow and sell Medical Cannabis in Florida?

Personal growing of Cannabis is not allow under Amendment 2.
Florida law created the so called “Compassion Centers.” At these centers patients have access to medical cannabis. It is up to the Department of Health and the Legislators in Tallahassee to make a decision on how Cannabis will be cultivated. Currently, Florida has six dispensaries with a license to grow, process and distribute Medical Cannabis.
The key question is: If Florida’s law will allow growers to apply for an integrated license to grow, process and sell Medical Cannabis. Will the State of Florida allow more nurseries than the ones already in function?
There are a lot of questions and speculations concerning this subject. Floridians will have to wait until June 3rd 2017, to get their answers after the Department of Health publishes the regulations.


Medical Cannabis could improved your sexual health.

The National Center for Biotechnology Information, NCBI, published a new study on the effects of Medical Cannabis to treat patients with sexual dysfunctions.
The discovery of the endocannabinoid system (ECS), has illustrated how cannabis could potentially help to treat sexual dysfunctions, considering the inefficiency of current pharmacological treatment.
Click here to have access to the study.



Oregon changes its Lab Testing Rules for Cannabis Products.

The Oregon Health Authority, has changed some of the rules regarding the lab testing on the cannabis products.
The State of Oregon updated its laws in order to help make their cannabis lab testing facilities operate efficiently. The issue is that there are few labs testing facilities, which must follow rigorous standards. This in turn has caused huge backlog in getting the products on the market. This issue has negatively impacted all patients, cultivators, processors and retailers. The state of Oregon seems to have found a resolution. Only time will tell!


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Latest News in the Cannabis Industry [First Week of December 2016]

Latest News in the Cannabis Industry [First Week of December 2016]

Latest News in the Cannabis Industry [First Week of December 2016]


Rolando Vazquez, Esq., attended the event “What is Next for Legalization in Florida”


Rolando Vazquez, Esq., attended the event

“What is Next for Legalization in Florida”

Delray Beach – December 1, 2016

Rolando Vazquez, Esq., President of GreenAcre Consulting Team, attended the event “What is Next for Legalization in Florida” with Michael Minardi, Esq.  The event took place in Delray Beach, hosted by Candice A. Marschke, Chairman of Women Grow.  At the event the attendees had the opportunity to network with professionals in the Cannabis Industry.  Attorney Michael Minardi, informed the audience about the legal projections and what to expect in Florida.  

Mr. Robert Friedman, Director of Legal Learning Series, was present at the event.  Rolando Vazquez, Esq., had the opportunity to congratulate Mr. Friedman in the creation of “The Cannabis Lab.”  LAB stands for Law, Accounting and Business. The Cannabis LAB primary focus is professional services, including: business owners, investors, entrepreneurs, financial services, accounting, law and others.  Rolando Vazquez, Esq., is excited of being part of this initiative, bringing together the professional world to the Cannabis Industry.  As a Project Manager, Attorney and Cannabis Consultant, Mr. Vazquez will help the LAB in various areas.   We look forward to celebrate with Mr. Friedman at the Legal Learning Series Holiday Party on December 7th 2016. 

Ms. Candice A. Marschke, was hosting the event, Chairman of Women Grow Chapter of South Florida.  Women Grow was founded in 2014 in Denver, CO.  Created to connect essential and key participants and leaders in the Cannabis Industry.  Women Grow is responsible of creating community programs and private events for business executives. We look forward to participate in the next event on January 5th 2017,South Florida Women Grow Signature Networking Event.”  

Rolando Vazquez, Esq., also had the opportunity to orient potential investors on the industry landscape.  Many of the audience members and attendees shared their interest and intentions on investing resources in the Regulated Cannabis Industry in Florida.  The event was a great platform for the attendees to be inform and stay involve with the daily changes in the Cannabis Industry.  It was also a great event for Mr. Rolando Vazquez, Esq., to expand his connections and advice new investors in the Industry. 

GreenAcre’s Team is continuously working in connecting with the best professionals in the Cannabis Industry, it is not an easy task, but GreenAcre’s President, Rolando Vazquez, Esq., has successfully strengthen GreenAcre’s reputation in the Cannabis Industry.  



GreenAcre Proposes MMJ Dispensary in North Miami Beach

GreenAcre attended the Russian-American chamber of commerce event, where we discussed the possibility of opening up medical marijuana dispensaries in North Miami Beach (NMB) with the mayor of that municipality. Sabina Contreras was present at the event.

In addition to having discussions with local business owners and political candidates, an open conversation was held with George Vallejo, the Mayor of NMB. The Mayor was very responsive to the ideas our company brought up. The main positive factor of having MMJ dispensaries in NMB is the increase in property value and access to holistic medicine. Often times, only people in their mid 40s and up can afford such an investment. However, as statistics show, that segment of population is more prone to have qualifying medical conditions to allow access to medical marijuana.

Placing a dispensary in NMB will bring the needed relief to the patients and likely have positive effects on the economy of the municipality overall. The Mayor agreed with GreenAcre’s position. Soon the Mayor promised to hold a meeting to discuss local ordinances to allow medical marijuana in the city.

After the referendum in November of 2016, Florida will have to set up a fully blown medical marijuana industry with many opportunities for businesses.  Counties and cities will have local power to allow or ban activities that deal with medical marijuana and secondary markets.  GreenAcre is actively participating in all political movements in this field to ensure the proper level of education of the local politicians.  Many factors should be analyzed before local government makes decision on such serious issue as medical marijuana within its borders.  GreenAcre stands for the highest standards and heavy regulations on the industry so all three main components–government, community, investors–work in harmony.  As to the date, less than 2 months are left before historical decision.

MMJ Impact

Miami-Dade County Approves the Medical Marijuana Financial Impact Report

GreenAcre keeps working towards a change in our legislation.  On September 8, 2016, GreenAcre attended the Miami-Dade County Commissioners’ meeting to discuss the financial impact of medical marijuana (MMJ) on the County and South Florida.  In short, the County took two years to produce this report.  In the light of the upcoming referendum in November to legalize medical marijuana in Florida, the report was finally released.  It provided for the following numbers: the potential MMJ sales in Florida are $785 million, the amount of potential patients under the current legislation (as of September of 2016) is 307,000; 42,000 of which live in Miami-Dade County.  The government estimated that the realistic financial impact for Miami-Dade is about $62 million annually.  The report was approved.


Cannabis Industry Expo in Oakland, California, 2016

On June 19-21, 2016,

Oakland, California, hosted a regulated cannabis industry business expo and convention. GreenAcre Team again attended the convention. GreenAcre has met with the biggest players in the regulated cannabis industry who are a part of GreenAcre Network.  GreenAcre, among other services, offers its clients to become members of GreenAcre Network that allows the owners of cannabusinesses to have market for their products.


Second Mission to Guyana 2016

Georgetown, Guyana. From June 9th until June 12th 2016, GreenAcre attended to the Second Mission to Guyana.  This time, GreenAcre consulted the government of Guyana on the subject of industrial hemp as a separate part of regulated cannabis industry.

On June 11, the Guyana Hemp Association in collaboration with the government organized the First National Hemp Convention of 2016. GreenAcre delivered a speech addressing the legal side of the regulated hemp and medical marijuana industry.

The main issue was the government and community experienced was mixing up and confusing industrial hemp and medical marijuana.  A big part of the speech was devoted to setting those two aspects apart.

Two days after the Hemp Convention, the national newspaper published an article reporting the event, informing the community the issues addressed by GreenAcre’. While in Guyana, GreenAcre was also invited to a radio show to educate members of the community on regulated cannabis market.  After the radio interview, GreenAcre was interviewed by a local newspaper reporter on the topic of medical marijuana and hemp markets.
GreenAcre possesses outstanding expertise in the global regulated cannabis market.  GreenAcre offers a number of services to private and governmental entities and also designs investment projects in the global legal marijuana market.




colorado experience rolando vazquez

GreenAcre’s Colorado Experience

Rolando Vazquez and Michael Burnstein

GreenAcre’s Colorado Experience

In June 2016, GreenAcre’s President, Rolando Vazquez, and Head of Operations, Sabina Contreras visited Denver, Colorado, with a group of foreign investors.  The main goal was to introduce GreenAcre’s clients to the fully operational cannabis industry.  GreenAcre met with selected Colorado based companies within GreenAcre’s network.  Visiting more than ten (10) dispensaries to illustrate the different themes, layouts, merchandise and branding.  

Point of Sale System (Seed to Sale)

GreenAcre had a private meeting with its investors and representatives of MJ Freeway.  The meeting took place at MJ Freeway’s headquarters in Denver.  The investors were informed and oriented on MJ Freeway’s point of sale system. Which tracks the plant from seed to sale, MJ Freeway also offers software solutions for the cannabis venture. 

Grow Facilities

GreenAcre’s President escorted investors to different grow facilities.  The group of investors visited a grow facility in pre-construction phase. At that location they were able to move freely around the grow complex.  The cultivating facility’s area encompassed approximately 15,000 sq ft.  The boundaries of the facility included the cultivating, processing and dispensing area.  The investors understood the importance of having all phases occurring at the same location.  

The second facility, was located in the industrial area of Boulder City. The investors were able to experience the cultivation process from beginning to end. They witnessed the process of getting the clones from the mother plant.  Additionally, they were able to enter different rooms where the plants were in the vegetative cycle and flowering cycle. They also received first hand knowledge about the harvesting stage.  Finally, they were educated on the best industry practices of curing and trimming.  

Dispensing Facilities

The investors were taken from dispensary to dispensary, to illustrate the different marketing techniques, facilities designs, operating techniques, and observed the variety of industry products.  They understood the importance of having an innovative dispensary design due to the potential of having the dispensary’s concept franchised. 

GreenAcre’s Colorado Experience was a great success, the investors were pleased to have witnessed one of most amazing industries in the world.  One of the investors stated, “The energy at the grow facility was incredible, only selected people get to enjoy this experience.”  

Rolando Vazquez, Esq. 


13332865_10156957922850514_2340256657135340931_ncolorado experience rolando vazquez