Brevard County is developing its Medical Marijuana Regulations.


Brevard County is developing its Medical Marijuana Regulations.


Brevard County commissioners are considering placing medical marijuana dispensaries within unincorporated areas. The dispensaries will be located within 1,000 feet of a child care facilities and schools. Additionally, the dispensaries will be located within 200 feet of a residential zoned or residentially development property.

On February 21st, 2017, the County Commissioners voted in favor to have a proposal for the rules by May. The proposed rules will be subject to two public hearings and a final vote. Counties and cities are moving along and regulating Medical Marijuana. On the same date, GreenAcre’s President and Vice-president met with Planning and Zoning officials from a city in Broward County. The officials said the city already received applications for a “coffee shop” facility, which are not allowed. The applications are on hold until the applicant gets approval by the State of Florida, but would still need to submit an application that conforms to the states new medical marijuana program, as a “coffee shop” set-up is not allowed.

Last Month, Osceola County closed their application process for dispensaries, only 8 people applied. According with County officials the applications are contingent on getting approval by the State of Florida.

Investors should take note of this information because there are people taking advantage and already applying for licenses.

Last week, the city of Miami Beach decided to lower the number of dispensaries allowed from 5 to 3. This impacts directly investors that want to have a dispensary in Miami Beach.

Please click on the links below to access more information on Brevard County’s Medical Marijuana Regulation. If you want to have information on the cities and counties that are taking applications for dispensary locations contact GreenAcre Consulting Team at or at 1-888- 428-3260




Donations to Florida for Care are strongly recommended

Florida for Care advocates for the implementation of a strong, well-regulated, Florida medical marijuana system under Amendment 2. Florida for Care believes that Florida has the opportunity to set the standard for what a state medical marijuana system should look like and how it can function most effectively. Please contact Mr. Eric Stevens at for more information on how you can contribute.

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