Another City in Florida denies patients access to Medical Marijuana


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Another City in Florida denies patients access to Medical Marijuana

Coral Springs adds its name to the list of cities in the State of Florida that placed “moratorium” laws for Medical Cannabis.

        Floridians approved Amendment 2 with 71% of votes.  Yet, cities and counties are now placing “moratoriums” to “analyze the impact of cannabis” in their communities and allowing themselves time to organize appropriately.  The city of Coral Springs placed a moratorium for a period of 180 days regarding cannabis laws.  According with the city’s memorandum released, the period of 180 days is necessary to analyze the impact on the city’s regular activities (welfare, economic, community, crime and services.)  

        The reasons provided not only by Coral Springs, but also by Deerfield Beach, Delray, Boca Raton and Hallandale Beach, seem to be reasonable. However, it cannot be denied that these “moratoriums” give an objective perception that Medical Cannabis patients are going to be affected directly and imminently.  In fact, the community and patients are concerned and panicking over these moratoriums. According with the text and spirit of “Amendment 2,” the Department of Health has until June 3rd of 2017, to publish the regulations for access to Medical Cannabis.  Even when the laws are promulgated, it will take months before cannabis ventures receive state approved licenses and those same ventures will take even more time to become operational. As such, Medical Cannabis supporters must take into account that Florida will not have a fully operational Medical Cannabis Industry until mid-2018.  Moreover, another angle to consider is that some of the moratoriums placed by the cities mentioned above will end before June 3rd, 2017. The others will end before the commencement of 2018. Therefore, at the moment these moratoriums are not really affecting the advancement of the Florida Medical Cannabis Industry.  

        The government must respect that over 6.4 million of Floridians voted in favor of Medical Cannabis.  These same constituents will not allow the state and local government to deny them access to it. The community will stay involved and informed on the issue, since citizens have control over their government, which is the true nature of a democracy.  

        Again, do not forget that Amendment 2 was a request by the citizens of Florida. The state and local government will ultimately have no choice but to offer some sort of access to the medicine.  State and local government will also have to succumb to the reality that Floridians will vote in favor of “Adult Use” in 2018.  This assertion is supported by the fact that no other state has legalized Medical Cannabis by such a large margin of votes.  In sum, Floridians love and need their Cannabis, and will not be denied safe and reliable access to it! 


Rolando Vazquez, Esq.
GreenAcre Consulting Team






Coral Springs puts moratorium on medical marijuana centers

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