After Amendment 2: How to Choose a Cannabis Consultant

In this Sept. 15, 2015 file photo, marijuana plants are seen nearly ready for harvest at the Ataraxia medical marijuana cultivation center in Albion, Ill. Dr. Bodo Schneider, a physician accused of charging patients for marijuana recommendations without a legitimate doctor-patient relationship, could lose his license in a case critics say highlights the state's strict enforcement. His case came before an administrative law judge Tuesday, Dec. 1, 2015, in Chicago. (AP Photo/Seth Perlman, File)

After Amendment 2: How to Choose a Cannabis Consultant

Amendment 2 passed in Florida, more than constituents voted YES ON 2.  This is the beginning of the journey in Florida.  Many investors are ready, calling and searching for “cannabis consultants” and “cannabis lawyers,” everybody wants to be part of this industry, everybody is talking about “Medical Cannabis.”

It is important for investors to understand the Cannabis Industry is not an industry for everyone, there is a lot of competition.  The application will be assessed on a merit based system, meaning that only the best applications with the best resumes and business plan will get approved.  If you are an investor ready to invest in this industry you also need to be ready to invest in the best Cannabis Consultants.

How do you know who is the best Cannabis Consultant?

Do your research, find out who they are and how well they are known in the industry. Every one can claim to be a consultant but only few can called themselves true “Cannabis Consultants.”  GreenAcre Consulting Team specializes in the Cannabis Industry, this is what we do.  We have the connections and relations with the most qualified professionals in the industry.  Be aware, this is a new industry that attracts questionable people to take advantage of investors.  Do your due diligence, if your consultant is also an attorney look it up online, you can have access to every Bar Association in the United States.  The same applies if your consultant is a professional in another area.  GreenAcre Consulting Team acts as your “project manager,” we specialized in every aspect of the process, such as; application assistance, business plans, compliance with state and local rules, local marketing, cultivation techniques, master growers, bud-tenders, realtors, surveyors, commercial real estate attorneys, planning and zoning attorneys, architects, and many more.  You need attorneys to orient you on the legal aspects, but you also need consultants.  For that reason GreenAcre is the best alternative because we are both.  The president is also a licensed attorney, and although GreenAcre is solely a consulting company, all clients with legal needs will be referred to Rolando Vazquez, PA., which a completely separate business entity.  GreenAcre will never asked to have ownership in your business like many consulting companies do and will.  We only seek to get your license approved, make your venture operational and keep you in compliance.   All our clientele is kept strictly confidential and if any conflict of interest arises, we will disclose it to our client. Your privacy is our priority.  GreenAcre is one of the only Cannabis Consulting Company with international recognition, we have educated the governments of Belize and Guyana on how to regulate their markets in the area of Hemp and Medical Marijuana. No other consulting company in the industry has our resume. We are the ultimate Cannabis Consultants.

Why a Cannabis Consultant is necessary?

A Cannabis consultant is not only necessary but fundamental for your business venture.  Numerous barriers and pit-falls exist in the industry, you need the guidance and support of knowledgeable professionals in the industry.  As consultants, GreenAcre’s Team has  dedicated years educating, networking and researching the Cannabis Industry. 

Is Florida a “Good Market”? 

Florida is expected to be the second biggest market in the United States of America.  Also, consider the fact that Florida has over 20 million constituents and welcomes over a 120 million visitors per year.  The Port of Miami known as the “Cruise Capital of the World” and the “Cargo Gateway of the Americas” has an economic annual impact in Miami of 18 billion.  Further, Floridians passed the medical marijuana initiative with 71% of the voters in favor of the industry, meaning Adult Use is just around the corner.  Need we say more?  

What about all the cities that recently have placed bans for the Medical Cannabis businesses? 

Investors DO NOT BE DISCOURAGED, Pompano, Boca Raton, Deerfield Beach and Delray ARE PLACING TEMPORARY BANS FOR THE MEDICAL CANNABIS INDUSTRY.  The temporary bans will allow these cities to have time to properly enact the relevant zoning laws.  


Rolando Vazquez, Esq. 

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